Back Pain Treatment in Palm Coast

Back Pain Relief in Palm Coast

If you are living with acute or chronic back pain then Chiropractic Care in Palm Coast might be a good treatment option. Roughly 80% of people will experience low back pain at some time in their life. Symptoms range from simple stiffness to unbearable pain. Whatever symptoms you may be experiencing it is often better to take care of it rather than simply live with it. Pain doesn’t have to be a lifestyle. In this article we will cover the basics of what causes low back pain and how chiropractic care can help you achieve lasting relief so that you can move, work and play… again.

Back Pain in Palm Coast

The back is a broad term that coveres a large part of the body. Loosely defined it is broken up in to three regions; the hips and pelvis, the low back and the mid back. Some may even define the neck as part of the back as well, but we’ll give the head and neck special attention on its own page. The back and spine are made up of a series of overlapping ligaments, tendons and bones that all work together to give a litteral “back bone” to your body for everything else to attach to. When everything works your body can do amaizing things, but when there is a problem it is best left up to a professional to propperally diagnose and treat the problem. Chiropractors are specialists in the back and spine and are a great resource to help resolve these issues.

Mechanical Pain

Simply put, when two bones come together and a capsule surrounds the ends of those bones, you have a basic joint. A muscle will cross over this joint to give it movement and a nerve will tell the muscle when and how hard to contract. When the joint sustains an injury, the first response is for the area to fill with fluid and swell. The pressure usually results in localized stiffness and pain. Depending on the nature of the injury the musculature can be injured as well. These types of injuries usually feel like stiffness, sharpness or stabbing sensations at the site of pain and are worse with movement. In more severe cases the nerve can be impacted. Nerve pain is usually described as shooting, burning, electric like or numbness and tingling.

If you are experiencing nerve like pain or symptoms it is critical that you be evaluated by a medical professional as these symptoms can be a sign of something more serious.

Disk Herniation

In a more complex joint, such as the spine, there is a shock absorbing disk between the bones. The disk is arranged much like a jelly doughnut with a soft squishy core surrounded by a tough outer layer called the annulis. When the disk is damaged, the jelly like center is pushed to the outside and causes a bulge. This is a surprisingly common condition affecting a majority of people. While it is common, it’s not always painful. Pain is usually determined by location and size of the bulge. For example, if the buldge happens to irritatte a surround nerve, shooting or electric like pain is often felt traveling down an arm or leg. People commonly referr to this condition as “sciatica” in the leg or “carpel tunnel” in the arms or hand. 

It is important that this condition is properally identified and treated as soon as possible as these conditions can be perminant if left untreated.

Stress and Back Pain

Have you ever heard that someone “carries all their stress in their neck and shoulders?” How about their low back? Tight muscles, cramps and spasms are very real responces to outside stimulus, both real or perceived. The longer the stress has been acting on the body the worse the tightening usually is. If a low grade spasm has been present for long enough a trigger point develops. Trigger points are areas of stress within the muscle that are usually painful to the touch and require the help of a professional to resolve. The low back is a common area for muscle spasms and trigger points when high levels of stress hormones are released for long periods of time. Chiropractors are uniquely capable at helpling relax tight muscles and resolve painful spasms as well as educating the patient on how to prevent them from returning.

Other Issues that Cause Back Pain

While back pain is usually mechanical in nature (i.e. caused by muscles/nerves/bones) there are a number of other conditions that can cause low back pain that the Palm Coast Chiropractic doctors are trained to identify. Obesity, Arthritis, Kidney Stones, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms all have been shown to cause low back pain symptoms and can in part be helped by chiropractic medicine.

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