Headache Treatment in Palm Coast

Headache Relief in Palm Coast

Headaches can be a real pain in the neck. The pounding, throbbing, tightness, and tension… it can really ruin your day. But did you know that most types of headaches are caused by something structural in the neck? Painkillers and medications might help in the short term, but unless the underlying issue is corrected, these symptoms usually reoccur again and again. It’s no wonder why people searching for “headache relief in palm coast” seek our advice.

Headache Pain in Palm Coast


When dealing with a persistent headache, did you know that the pounding, tension, throbbing and pain may be caused by a structural issue? When the cervical spine has excess stress on it, muscles will spasm and sensitive nerves at the base of the head become pinched. Is it any wonder why so many people suffer needlessly from headaches? 

The Cause of Headache Pain

Did you know that poor posture is usually the culprit to most headaches? It’s true! Imagine if you will a small 5lb weight held close to your body. How long could you hold that weight there for? Chances are a long time. Now, how about if you were to hold it out at arm’s reach? Get the picture? The human head weighs anywhere from 12-15lbs or roughly the weight of a bowling ball. When properly supported by the spine, the muscles of the neck do not have to work very hard. But as we slouch, our shoulders round forward, our head creeps forward, and more and more stress is put on the muscles that hold our head upright. Over time these muscles become overworked and will cramp and spasm. These spasms can directly cause headaches themselves (tension headaches) or can pull the spinal vertebra out of their normal alignment and cause more serious symptoms. 

Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches and Migraines

Since the cause of headaches and migraines are usually structural, ie nerves muscles and bones, Chiropractic care is uniquely qualified to help with the cause of headaches and migraines. Through gentile chiropractic adjustments we can realign the underlying structure and take the pressure off the delicate muscles and nerves thuss releasing pressure and pain. If you are struggling with headaches or migraines, contact us by calling (386)225-6134 or schedule an appointment by clicking below.


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To find out if you’re a candidate for Chiropractic therapy, an initial consultation is needed with Dr. Bryan Schuerlein. Treatment can be provided on the day of your consultation.