Celebrating the Journey to Health

Renee's Story

“Not only has this treatment resulted in a lessening of fine lines but also of the daily tension lines. Heather treats the whole body (gently and with compassion) and I leave there feeling refreshed and calm. I highly recommend this to everyone!” 

Eileen's Story

“This is so much better than Botox or surgery. Gives you a natural look while tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles. Highly recommend this method. It doesn’t kill off your nerves or create an exaggerated appearance. Heather is so knowledgeable and gentle. Find the 1/2 hour of lying there in a darkened room and meditation music to be such a calming thing at the end of a school day.” 

Emily's Story

“I would not have the full and pain-free life I have today if it were not for Heather helping me get through being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She helped me manage my pain, get restful sleep and start getting my appetite back so I could gain weight. I highly recommend her!”

Roxanne's Story

“At 38 years old and after several unsuccessful tries of IVF/ IUI, hormone therapy and other things, I decided to give acupuncture and herbal medicine a try after a friend had success getting pregnant with Dr. Heather. It took some time, about 4 months, but I FINALLY got pregnant with my second child! I am now 25 weeks along and am looking forward to my healthy baby girl. I can’t recommend her highly enough; she is truly a miracle worker. THANK YOU HEATHER!!”

Jessie's Story

Heather has helped me with chronic pain in my feet due to neuropathy. Overall, I feel my feet more, have less pain, and can get around more easily. I would definitely recommend giving Acupuncture a try

Heather's Story

Following my hip replacement, I continue to see Heather because I see such a value in how her therapy increases my overall health and well being. My hips and joints will remain a focus, but she also adjusts for stress, sleep, hormonal fluctuations and more

Mary's Story

I lived in agonizing pain every day. Heather’s acupuncture care was the only thing that made my pain manageable until my total hip replacement.

Teri's Story

I was given a gift certificate to see heather 4 years ago and have been a patient ever since. I had a badly injured hip and had had one unsuccessful surgery.

Sarah's Story

I’ve been looking for alternatives to Allopathic medicine and am very grateful to have found Dr. Heather. She is a very compassionate Doctor and an amazing listener. I have found the procedures to be painless and very relaxing. Thank you Doctor Heather.

Carol's Story

Heather is fantastic! I came in with a horrible case of frozen shoulder and once I finished all my treatments, it feels like it is 100% back to normal. Hopefully I never have a serious problem like this again, but if I do, I know where to go for help.

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